Armond WakeUp

Armond WakeUp

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio (US)

Armond wrote his first rhyme at age seven and has been performing in front of audiences since third grade. After taking some time off from performing, a close friend’s suicide inspired Armond to pursue music seriously. Since then, he has been prolific in his music creation. Armond has numerous independent albums to his credit including 12 music projects since 2011 alone. 

A consistent thread in Armond's music is relatable concepts that look at every day life in unique ways. His 2015 release, The Epiphany of Marcus Graham, found him examining relationships through the lens of a man's perspective using Eddie Murphy's character in the classic film Boomerang as a central character. 

Most recently, Armond teamed up with Taelor Gray to release two volumes of Black Jordans & White Socks - both of which were Bandcamp exclusives available for a limited time. 

When he isn't writing songs and being a family man, Armond is co-hosting the popular culture podcast, Clock Radio Speakers

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