Music Licensing


Licenses for music usage can be purchased and depend on project specifications. We have a large catalog of 100% pre-cleared and ready-to-use music. Want bespoke? We will create brand new music to suit your search.

Please contact us here to request usage or email


You are welcome to use our music for your creative projects on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Our music is high quality, professionally crafted to fit various moods and styles. We're super flexible with content creators using our music in these spaces.

We only require that you credit Illect Recordings (see section "Courtesy Credit Format" below) in the relevant description along with links to our digital/social platforms.

This type of license does not cover use of our music in commercial videos (videos with the sole purpose of selling or advertising products/services). If you wish to use our music in your ad, refer to the Advertisers & Commercial Use section at the top of this page.

Content ID / Monetization / Whitelisting Channels & Videos

Content ID is applied to most of our releases but we are willing to whitelist your videos and/or channel. Whitelisting covers videos going forward. To release on previous uploads, we need the URL for that specific video.

Please contact us here to request usage and include your channel URL.

You do not need to worry about Content ID if your channel isn't monetized. We do not currently have Content ID applied to the Twitch platform.

A Content ID claim is not a Copyright Strike. Copyright Claims do not affect the status of your YouTube Channel in any way. Illect Recordings & our distribution partners will never issue a Copyright Strike on YouTube.

If you mistakenly receive a Copyright Strike: please contact us before disputing the claim within YouTube Studio and we will quickly resolve the issue.

Courtesy Credit Format

Artist name "Song title" / @illect
Bandcamp: [link]
Apple Music: [link]
Spotify: [link]


Sojourn "Sunlight" / @illect
Apple Music:

For bonus points, include an on-screen mention and send us a link to your video.

Where To Download

Please contact us here to request usage and include a list of Artists & Song Titles for the tracks you wish to use.

Most releases on our Bandcamp are available for use. Bandcamp allows for downloading in multiple common formats such as MP3, WAV, & others. Our releases are set up as "name your price", enter 0.00 or any amount you wish to proceed with a download.

Soon we will have a Spotify playlist of eligible music.


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