Hometown: Dallas, Texas (US)

Sivion is an emcee gifted with a conversational style, which musically fuses jazz and funk to touch the lives of those who cross paths with the art that he’s been called and blessed to create.  With ties to Gaithersburg, MD he currently resides in Dallas, TX and has been a staple in the DFW Hip Hop scene since the mid 90’s.  Teaming up with his brother, Wushu, he was one half of a group called the Phat KATS and one quarter of the crew Lost Step.  In the early 2000’s, he joined forces with the super crew, Deepspace5, and transitioned into his career as a solo artist.

His venture to develop his own solo identity spearheaded the writing and production that would eventually blossom into his first solo album entitled “Mood Enhancement” (released by Illect Recordings). The album earned him “New Artist of the Year” in the Sphere of Hip Hop Awards for 2005.  Just a year later, Sivion teamed up with Braille (who is a current member of Beautiful Eulogy who owned the label Hip Hop IS Music at the time) and released his follow up LP entitled “Spring Of The Songbird”.   This album helped gain him exposure globally, which resulted in collaborations with artists from countries such as France, Japan, Germany, Kenya, England, etc.  The record did well and helped to continue his aim to reach the world with the message of Jesus Christ and to show God’s effect on his life through musical expression.

In 2010 Sivion partnered again with Illect Recordings and released an EP entitled “Butterfly Sessions”.  This project featured production solely from Los Angeles beat-smith, Dert (of Tunnel Rats fame and also known for producing KRS-One’s “Life” album).   The effort earned Best EP and Best Cover Art in the Sphere of Hip Hop Awards (with a controversial take on one of the most famed images from the movie, “Silence of the Lambs”).

And after a few years of hard work in the lab, 2013 ushered in Sivion’s 4th studio release entitled “Group Therapy”, which was again released on Illect Recordings, the label that has become like family to his artistry and message for nearly a decade.  With a message of UNITY, this album features a host of emcees, producers, and DJs that represent the elite of the Christian underground along with some hand-picked additions from the secular and Christian mainstream (i.e. The ARE, Symbolic One, M Slago, PICNICTIME, “Tha Kracken!” etc.) in order to bridge the gap to impact more lives for God’s glory.

In 2017 he released Dark Side Of The Cocoon, which was his first release in 4 years with the help of European beat-smith, Sebastian Hochstein.  This record featured crystal clear vinyl distributed by Fat Beats and a uniquely transparent recording as he shared deep testimony around his divorce and subsequent remarriage to the love of his life who had been immortalized in various songs in the past, including the famous "S.H.A.N.N.A.N." from the album Mood Enhancement.

Keep your eyes on this very-gifted, veteran emcee and musician, as he continues to cement his legacy as a positive force in this often negatively perceived hip hop culture, through timeless musical artistry that expresses the love of God in his heart.

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