Sundance | Terror Firma

Terror Firma aka Sundance

Country: Dunedin, Otago (New Zealand)

Originally from La Mesa, California, and currently residing in Dunedin, New Zealand; Terror Firma is the moniker under which Sundance's latest eclectic series on Illect Recordings is being released. Though it may be new to some fans, the truth is Terror Firma predates even Boombox Titans (seminal Gospel Hip Hop group from Las Vegas), having started in 1999. While Sundance adhered to an underground jazzy hip hop aesthetic during his Boombox Titan days, and continued to refine this sound during his solo years, Terror Firma is decidedly different.

Apart from being largely instrumental, one will find Terror Firma eschewing typical song progressions in favour of a more rapid fire approach which flies through tonal and structural changes, often in short, creative bursts, 1-2 minutes each. This results in a more raw, unpolished, and pure feeling of expression than Sundance's previous productions.

With each release loosely based around a specific theme, one will find conscious, spiritual, and political messages interlaced with the sound. This only adds to the unique corner of Illect Recordings that Sundance has carved out for himself, and we look forward to hearing what's in store.

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