Sareem Poems

Sareem Poems

Hometown: Lansing, Michigan (US)

Solo Brooks, commonly known as Sareem Poems, first burst onto the Hip Hop scene in 1998 as part of the legendary Hip Hop collective, LA Symphony. The crew etched their names into Rap folklore with a slew of albums and releases which were all well received.

In 2002, Sareem, then known as Sharlok Poems, decided to pursue a solo career and dropped Left. He quickly followed up with The Movement in 2004 and  Blooming Sounds in 2007. Taking on board the plethora of lessons learned through his adventures in the land of music, Sareem partnered up with Illect Recordings in 2014 and became a creative tour de force. He has since released four albums on the label including Mind Over Matter with Ess Be (which was crowned Album Of The Year by Liquid Magazine) and 88 To Now with Newselph.

Sareem describes himself as a "high-end blue-collar" emcee with a life long love for Jazz and live instrumentation. Sareem makes music that breaks barriers and reaches people in the high rise buildings as well as the everyday folk on the back blocks.

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