Cas Metah, Sintax the Terrific, & Dj Sean P - Mere Mortals (CD)

Cas Metah, Sintax the Terrific, & Dj Sean P - Mere Mortals (CD)

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The recently formed tandem of staple Illect Recordings emcees Cas Metah and Sintax the Terrific are due to drop their anticipated full-length Mere Mortals (July 2, 2021), similarly named for the project's debut single, "Mere Mortal." Focus track "Alright" showcases the duo—in collaboration with DJ Sean P (also feat. throughout the LP)—free-flowing on this fun, boom-bappy track that evokes a grill-stokin, beach-bummy, red solo cup kind of mood just in time for a summertime soundtrack.

Track list
1. Mere Mortal (feat. Jordan Coleman)
2. Dramatics
3. Alright
4. Ghost Busters (feat. Goldinchild)
5. Safe Space
6. Guilty
7. Rise Up
8. Indie Pen Dents (feat. Mouf Warren)
9. Fan First (feat. Stik Figa)
10. Homecoming

CD 5 Pack
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Cas Metah: Guest Room
Deepspace5: Deepspacesoul, The Night We Called It A Day
Scribbling Idiots: Jaq Escape From Radio Prison, Invitation Only (Tape), The Have Nots,
Sintax the Terrific: Curb Appeal, Merciless, Prince With A Thousand Enemies, Simple Moves